Introduction to our Hero

Our HeroThis is the concept for our main character – a parody on your average action-game protagonist; macho, stupid, authoritarian and dangerous. When we started out throwing ideas around about the game, we didn’t know if it was more useful to start making up a world and let that shape its characters or the other way around, which we ended up doing. We settled on this Hanna-Barbera¬†look, with hard angles and pastel colors that you see above. Both because its a timeless art style that we look up to and because we simply don’t have the capacity to create hyper-realistic graphics within a reasonable amount of time, being a two-man-band. We at least assume it being much more time-consuming to create high definition realism than something more akin to Roadrunner or Ren and Stimpy.
One of the first things I did after the initial concept work, was to create this palette to make sure there’s always a clear direction in the graphics. It’s a warm and somewhat muted pastel-inspired palette, that I hope will work towards our goal. We’ll see!The palette for our game
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