Game Features

We had a brainstorm on features we’d like to see in the game, here are some of our ideas.

  • Clone Machine.
  • Healing Station.
  • Pickups.
  • Personal mine.
  • Crab-mine.
  • Hand grenades.
  • Weapons
    • Assault rifle.
    • Shotgun.
    • Bazooka.
  • Highscore.

Clone Machine:

One way enemy AIs can be instantiated into the game world is through a clone-machine, the idea being that it is constantly cloning more pure-evil AI enemies into the level until a certain criteria has been met. It’s also a convenient way of having a limited number of character models making sense and at the same time creating a narrative around this limitation.

Healing Station:

When the AI is in a fight with our Hero and takes damage, they can make a decision to stay and fight to the death or retreat to a nearby healing station to get reloaded and ready for action. We are also talking about having AI’s flee in terror if the situation is critical.


When dropping a crab-mine, the mine will wait for a target to get within range, at which point it wakes up, moves towards its target and explodes for massive damage, much like a real enemy crab.

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